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This is a product developed for Companies that deals with Man power Consultancy Services.This product helps the man power consultancy firms to manage employees, contractors, subcontractors, logistics, finance and customers. It helps in effective coordination between departments, customers and employees and provides significant saving in turn over and turn around. It helps these firms with financial as well as customer relationship improvement benefits, by way of a collaborated model.


The hospital management system or the hospital billing software incorporates the features which are targeted at dealing with each and every aspects of any hospital and this software also covers the areas like OPD, reception, outpatients, inpatients, inventory of the materials and the medicines, medical records, scheduling of the duties of the doctors, appointments, accounts and laboratories. Besides, this software also offers the security feature that prevents the stored information of the hospitals from getting misused.


Services to the user departments is the principal objective of stores functions. It is, however, obviously desirable to provide the services as economically as possible. Frequently, but not always, the most important consideration is to keep the stock value at the lowest practical level to economize in the use of working capital, which is most of the time scarce, and to minimize the cost of storage. It implies that there is some conflict between the need for efficient and effective services and the need to economize in stock- holdings.

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